Here is a step by step method for cloning,,its is simple, very consistant (about 95%) and best of all under 20$!!!!! Actualy about $12.00 you need a bag of perlite,one of vermiculite,Rootone,and a clear storage box 18L x 10W x 6T,and some "pony pac" containers (thease are cheap container for nursury plants ,,you can get them free if you ask what day they throw out the dead plants,,and a little bloom formula fertilizer most any brand is OK the count should be about 5-12-8 or somthing like that with high potassium.

Step 1 - Select a cutting,you want a healthy piece not some scraggly piece of crap,snip it off with a pair of very sharp scissors,at this time mix the perlight and vermiculite at 50/50 mix and add watertill is soft and wet,pack the containers full and firmly pack the medium in.

Step 2 - Remove the leaves and small side branches leaving a nice cluster on the top of the cut.

Step 3 - Place the cut in a glass of water and 1/10the strength bloom fertilizer.

Step 4 - Put the stripped cut end into the rooting powder it should cling on real well because of the water fert mix make sure its VERY well coated.

Step 5 - take a pen and make a hole in the pre prepaired mix and containers make it big so it wont scrape the rooting hormone off.

Step 6 - place the cutting into the hole you made in step 5 and pack the medium tightly around it.

Step 7 - Using the bloom formula spray the cuts getting them pretty wet, now for the storage box,tap holes on each side and two on top I like them to be about 1/2 across,turn the box upside down place you containers with the cuts on the lid and close it up,you will need to open it every other day for a week or so ,if its really hot or dry you can spray them also,after a week take the lid off for a few hours at a time then just leave it off,dont pull on the cuts or move them in any way this only slows progress, you will have rooted cuts in two weeks or so they can go into soil or hydro from there.

Here they are I removed the lid two days ago,today they were wilting a little (thats good) so I gave them a tiny bit of the 1/10th bloom mix,,if you look carefully you can tell wich are rooting already,they are the ones with the yellow leaves. I havent looked but they should all have bumps and starting roots by the way they look on top,I made the mistake of putting them a little close to the fan so two of them next to a hole got a little crisp but they look like the will pull through....

Here are the same clones being pulled from their container I usually let the go 14 days but I need the cloner for the seedlings, the root development is very good but in a few more days its a huge clump! Bigger roots leads to bigger yields ,this is why I wanted you to coat the stem so far up and with so much hormone...Be very carefull when you pull the clone out it should be packed in there very snug , squeeze the sides of the and gently pull the stem as it releases from the .The clones are going in soil I make a big hole so as not to break the delicate roots. After they are in pack the soil around them. If going to hydro with Rockwool put in hole in top of cube and cover with flock if using gro rocks just carefully put them on a single layer of rocks hold the and add rocks till the basket is full.

Oh by the way the results were 100% rooted I think if you were really looking to say this was fast they have been rooted for three days atleast but I think its better to let them sit for a while (I like another four days longer than this time) this greatly increases chances of healthy growth and minimum shock due to transplanting.

Good luck cloners have fun!!!

Information supplied by: webfish